Gyrokinesis ®
The Art of Exercising and Beyond ®

GYROKINESIS® method is a unique and holistic approach to movement. It consists of rhythmic sequences of movements performed by flow, through which the energy pathways open, the nervous system is activated, the elasticity of the body is increased and all the joints are decompressed.

The creator of the method is Juliu Horvarth. It is a system that targets to the whole body and mind and aims at improving coordination, receptivity and kinesthetic ability. The body moves at all levels and in all directions, alternating intensity, speed, range of motion and rhythm.

The mobilization and elasticity of the spine is of primary importance and results in the development of the internal strength, stability and balance of the body. GYROKINESIS® method is aimed at those who want to experience movement in a different way, ranging from athletes and dancers, to the elderly and people recovering from injury or disability.

After a GYROKINESIS® lesson you will feel physically and mentally well, calm and full of euphoria! The movements are done on a mattress and a stool.

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