Yoga takes you into the present moment.
The only place where life exists.

Cultivating awareness! Yoga is a process which involves constant learning and investigation of our field of consciousness.

The practice of Υoga and the discovery of ourself is like entering a dark room and switching on the lights one at a time (Souami Niratzanda Sarasouati). Apart from its therapeutic benefits, Υoga is an alternative way of exercise leading to a balanced life on multiple levels, while helping one look deeper inside to discover their true self.

Anasura Yoga belongs to the traditional school of Hatha Yoga. It was invented in 1997 from a talented teacher, John Friend - student of Iyengar. Anasura Yoga is based on the Tantra philosophy, one that trusts the flow of life and is based on the opening of the heart and innate kindness inside us.

Align and flow: Every class includes a central theme, with ideas inspired by personal experience or relative to the philosophy of yoga. This is the foundation on which the sequence of positions and flow is based on, a central idea that anyone can relate to. The correct alignment in practice, helps the body function properly and in harmony (from an anatomical perspective), and therefore allows the student to perform the positions safely. Join us in practice where we will build solid foundations, connect with our bodies, and release tension through breathing and meditation techniques.

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