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Christina Karavioti is a former champion of Synchronized Swimming. She started classical swimming at the age of five and took part in many Panhellenic Championships. At the age of nine she moved into the field of Synchronized Swimming, where she devoted the following seven years of her life. Her mentor was the Olympic medalist Christina Thalassinidou, alongside whom she cultivated the art of movement, swimming with passion every day. At the age of fifteen, she joined the National Swimming Team, with which she participated in international Competitions. She was distinguished for her participation in the Pan-European Championship (5th place in group swimming) in Bonn and in the World Cup (1st place in group swimming) in Cairo.

After her studies at School of Physical Education and Sports Science (TEFAA Athens), she worked as a gymnastics trainer in gyms, simultaneously looking for the method most suitable to her personality. Her love for her grandfather led her to look for proper therapeutic exercises and somehow, she met the Pilates method. Initially, she was taught the Stott Pilates system by Arsinoe Tsakalogianni, while she deepened her knowledge while being trained by Margarita Efthymiou, appreciating the value of the classical method. However, since knowledge never stops, she continued attending seminars with teachers such as Alan Herdman, Jay Grimes, Sandy Shimoda, MeJo Wiggin and Dena Drotar.

At the same time, she was being trained in the GYROKINESIS® method by Arsinoe Tsakalogianni and since then she has been renewing her knowledge with teachers such as Anke Hauerstein, Jackson Kellog, Erika Hassan and Rotem Cohen.

Her enthusiasm for the therapeutic exercise prompted her to attend physiotherapy seminars for sports injuries, cervical syndrome, lumbar spine and hieroglyphic joint by Costas Kotoglou. In addition, her collaboration with the physiotherapists of Performance 22 has enabled her to personalize exercises picked from the therapeutic exercise catalogue, always guided by the needs of each person’s body. Finally, it won’t be false if, as an epilogue, it is said that what mainly inspires Christina is the enjoyment of movement!

Founder & Personal Trainer


Pilates Instructor

Ioanna Gouvalas is a graduate of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science with a specialization in “ Trainer of Sports Science”. Since very young, she has been occupied with cheerleading, participating recently in the European Championship. Aiming at supporting her body, she took up practising the Pilates method, which she loved for its beneficial effects. She was trained and certified as a Pilates teacher at the University of Thessaly.

In her classes, she seeks the harmony between the quality of the movement and intensity, something which comes natural to her, resulting from her athletic experience.

ΙΩΑΝΝΑ ΓΟΥΒΑΛΑ Euphoria Pilates


Pilates Instructor
Vassiliki Florou has been occupied with Classical Dance since an early age. She has been a student of distinguished teachers and graduated from the State School of Dance. Her passion for the expression through the movement and the movement itself, led her to the Pilates method at which she trained and became certified. One of the reasons she loved Pilates, is the common characteristics it shares with dance, such as the flow, the breath and the alignment of the body through exercise. Teaching the Pilates method, she gets the chance to help people connect with their body and develop the mind and body connection.
ΒΑΣΙΛΙΚΗ ΦΛΩΡΟΥ Euphoria Pilates
Founder & Personal Traine


Pilates Instructor
Danai Samaras took up swimming and dancing very young. She has studied drama and has attended classical ballet and contemporary workshops, as well as the Axis Syllabus system. Her relationship with Pilates started after an injury she sustained while dancing. She studied in depth the Classical Pilates method next to Margarita Euthimiou ( second generation student of Joe Pilates). Since then, she continues to attend workshops with renowned classical Pilates instructors. She has a very technical approach, she is very focus on her classes and she supports the needs of every body.
ΔΑΝΑΗ ΣΑΜΑΡΑ Euphoria Pilates


Pilates Instructor
Katerina Mastoris has been occupied at a very young age with Gymnastics, where she started developing the movement technique. She came in contact with Classical Pilates at Euphoria studio as a dedicated student for numerous years. She completed her training at Classical Pilates next to Margarita Euthimiou. ( second generation student of Joe Pilates ) and since then she has evolved into a talented teacher, very able to observe and correct with precision.Her positive energy and liveliness turn the lesson into a pleasant experience.
Founder & Personal Traine

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